Company Description:

Duta Teknik Informatika (DTI) is an Indonesian firm established in September, 2003 specializing in Professional IT services. Since then, DTI has supported its customers in many areas in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Balikpapan, Banjarbaru, Pekanbaru, Medan, and Palembang

Responsibilities :
• To setup and maintenance switch Cisco, Router and Load Balancer
• As the successful candidate, you are practical and logical in solving technical problems, you have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal in English .You have a keen eye for detail and methodical in carrying out work processes. You are able to meet deadlines and a self-driven team player in a dynamic environment.
• Bug Tracking and fixing for existing applications.
• Update or/and add new function to the application based on customer requests.
• Update existing or/and create new report using Microsoft Report Viewer.
• Day to day application developing, monitoring and maintaining.
• Work with field experts to create custom software
• Write computer software, programs, or code
• Work with software providers to increase proficiencies while working within applications
• Prepare software documentation for end users


• University degree, preferably in Computer Science / Information Technology or its equivalent (GPA 2.80)
• Male/Female, maximum 30 years of age
• Good interpersonal, written and communication skills.
• Experience in software and application development that requires analysis and design work.
• Indonesian Citizenship (Jabodetabek domicile) preferably able to communicate in English
• Full time employment with good personality, integrity and communication skill
• Willing to work overtime, able to work under pressure and having initiative for self-improvement
• At least 1year of working experience in the related field is required for this position.

IT Knowledge/Skills requireds :
• C++, C#, NET, MSSQL, ASP,PHP,SQL ( Kode A )
• Dream waver ( Kode B )
• Web Gafis ( Kode C )
• Visual Basic 6, VB.NET ( Kode D )
• Delphi ( Kode E )
• Java ( Kode F )
• Fox Pro ( Kode G )
• C++ ( Kode H )
• Visio ( Kode I )
• Oracle 9,10 ( Kode J )
• Linux ( Kode K )
• Cisco ( Kode L )
• Windows and Microsoft Office are minimum requirements
• Network hardware Troubleshooting
• Pc Hardware and Software Troubleshooting
• Certificated
• Interested applicants, please send your full resume stating age, contact numbers, email address, a recent photo, educational qualifications, working experience, current and expected salary in with fulfill our website at : www.dti.co.id or call our HRD contact person : 02183786682


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